Mobil Konik Kırıcı

The mobile cone crusher can crush both hard and highly abrasive stones as well as softer and medium hard rock and ores. It is used to obtain relatively small sized materials for use in various sectors.

The mobile cone crusher is a machine with low transportation and transportation costs thanks to its mobile body structure. Cone crushers give the best results in the second and third crushing stages in stone crushing and screening plants. A mobile plant includes crusher machines as a key component. There are also sieves and washing compartments with various features.

Mobil Konik Kırıcı

Mobile Cone Crusher Prices

Cone crushers work with the principle of crushing the incoming material by compressing it. Although they process very hard mines and ores, they are very long-lasting machines. Mobile cone crushers, on the other hand, are one of the machines that do the crushing and screening work within the crusher plants. It is designed in a portable structure. The features of portable cone crushers, which are determined according to the needs of companies operating in the mining or construction sector, are as follows:

  • Moving, installation and disassembly costs are low with their mobile structures.
  • It can easily break both hard and soft metals. For example, they can crack hard materials containing chromium, iron and copper.
  • It is easy to use thanks to its advanced automation system.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean, and the cost is low.

The prices of the mentioned crushers can be affected by various factors, some of which are listed below;

  • Technical specifications of the crusher model
  • Additional services and facility components received
  • Firm’s pricing policies

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Mobil Konik Kırıcı

Mobile Cone Crusher For Sale

Mobile crusher machine types can be easily transported with the help of a truck. They are also known as mobile crushers . Easier transportation and installation also reduces fuel costs. Fixed cone crushers are also available. Fixed crushers can also be transported from one place to another. However, this is much more difficult and costly.

Mobile (portable) machines also have crawler options. In this way, it can be easily moved within the facility. Versatile mobility and relatively small footprint are among the important advantages of mobile machines. Although the production volumes are slightly lower than the fixed crushers, the machines produced by FABO operate with extremely high performance.

cone crushers you will buy from FABO have spare parts and technical service guarantee. All of these parts are produced by our company. In case of need, the relevant components are supplied quickly and the production continues.

Types of Mobile Cone Crushers

Cone crushers are generally used for crushing and crushing hard and highly abrasive mines such as granite, basalt, andesite, stream material. They are powerful machines in the crusher plant . They can also be used as primary, secondary and tertiary crushers. So what do these expressions mean?

  • Primary crusher: These are the machines that perform the reduction process by roughly crushing the material consisting of stones or rocks. The size of the material crushed in this way is relatively large. On average, a reduction of 1 in 5 is made. These crushers, which are used for crushing hard and highly abrasive ores, have low operating costs.
  • Secondary (Secondary) crusher: It crushes high and medium hardness materials and brings them to concrete or asphalt dimensions. In addition, if it is desired to reduce the materials formed as a result of primary crushing, secondary crushers can be used. The resulting material is in the range of 0.60 to 40 mm.
  • Tertiary (tertiary) crusher: It is the crusher type that should be preferred if it is aimed to produce fine materials. Tertiary crusher materials can be made to sizes as small as sand . The crushed material is about 0.5 mm in size.
Mobil Konik Kırıcı

Stone Crushing and Screening Plants

Crusher plants , where stone or rocks are crushed, can accommodate different types of crushing machines. The machines can be listed as follows according to their working principles;

  • Jaw crusher : It crushes materials with the help of compression force. This force is achieved through a jaw-like mechanism, one of which is movable and the other is fixed.
  • Impact crusher: It crushes materials with direct impact force. It transforms the waste generated in construction or demolition areas and can provide profit.
  • Cone crusher: These are machines that can obtain materials as large as sand or as small as sand. It breaks the materials by compressing or cutting. The main crushing elements in the machine are called mantle and concave.

There are also various sub-types and models of the mentioned crusher machines. For example, vertical shaft crusher is a type of impact crusher. These crushers work extremely efficiently in breaking small stones or mines.