Mobile Concrete Plant

Mobile concrete plant” consists of components that can be easily transported from one place to another. Thanks to the equipment used in the plants, the production of materials from which concrete can be obtained is realized. You can benefit from our modern “concrete plant” products to make a difference in your projects and reduce your manpower demands.

Mobile concrete plant cost,” can vary according to the optional equipment to be selected or the technical feature details of the machines in the plants. The best options in terms of cost should be preferred by considering factors such as long-term use and durability. Because the most important factor in terms of profit is not the cheapness of the price, but the durability and performance of the equipment.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mobile or in other words “portable concrete plant” can be easily transported by truck. These plants are extremely functional in short-term projects and when work sites need to change periodically. In fact, stationary concrete batching plants can also be transported. However, this process is more difficult and laborious.

A mobile batch plant consists of equipment that performs functions such as crushing, screening and washing. Many of the machines that perform the crushing process also have built-in screens. However, options such as vibrating and crawler screens can also be preferred optionally. Thanks to the machines, aggregate, which is a concrete raw material, can be produced.

One of the indispensable equipment of the plants is sieves. Stone or rock pieces, which are crushed and reduced in size thanks to the screen, are grouped according to their size. This makes things even easier. FABO has “concrete batch plant” products with different technical features and designs. You can contact us for mobile or stationary concrete batching plants and send your order requests.

Mobile Concrete Plant

Mobile Concrete Plant for Sale

What is a mobile concrete batch plant?” These plants are the places where processes such as the provision and production of raw materials required for concrete production are carried out. Thanks to the automation systems in the plants, human labor is used at a minimum level.

There are different options when purchasing mobile batching plants. The most recommended among these are guaranteed zero products. Thus, after paying for the product once, you can use it for many years and profit from your production. Moreover, the production volume of machines working with automation systems is extremely high. The components that make up concrete batching plants can operate with different operating principles.

Mobile batching plants consist of highly customized equipment. The needs of each company or project are different from each other. Factors such as project duration and period can affect the features of the machine to be selected. For this reason, FABO also provides consultancy services to the enterprises and recommends the most suitable device for the projects.

Jobs for Mobile Concrete Plant

Machines in concrete batching plants are used by various companies, businesses or municipalities. Where to buy portable concrete plants for sale? FABO is among the leading companies in the sector in the field of mobile batching plants. Orders are generally prepared in accordance with the needs of the company. The technical specifications of the devices are also adjusted accordingly. However, we also have stock concrete batching plant equipment. The following components can be included in a mobile batching plant.

  • Machines
  • Sieves
  • Mixer
  • Cement silo
  • Control cabinet
  • Aggregate bunker

Are “mini mobile concrete plant” options available? Yes, mobile or tracked products designed in small sizes are available. High mobility is a very useful feature when it is necessary to operate on multiple project sites. The machinery and equipment we manufacture are mainly used in the construction, recycling and mining sectors.

Mobile Concrete Plant

Customized Mobile Concrete Plant

The technical specification details of the device planned to be delivered to the customer are shaped during the production phase. The parts used in the equipment are also selected accordingly. Customizable details such as the weight and working principle of the products are adjusted according to the needs of the company. You can contact us to get information about our stationary or “compact concrete batching plant” products and to request an order. You can also get information about some of our products from the table below.

Production Capacity30 m3/h100 m3/h150 m3/h30 m3/h
Aggregate Weighing1250 Kg3300 Kg8800 Kg1250 Kg
Mixer Capacity750/500 L2000/3000 L4000/6000 L750/500 L
Cement Weighing300 kg1000 kg2000 kg300 kg
Addivite Weighing1X20 L1x40 L2x50 L1x20 L
Mixer TypePANTwin ShaftTwin ShaftPAN
Cement Screw DiameterØ 168mmØ 273mmØ 323mmØ 168mm