For 17 Years
with the knowledge and the experience that we gained we export
Stone Crushing Screening and Concrete Batching Plants
in 43 countries.

Thanks to all our customers, who prefer us!

Why us?

Each of our products has superior quality and standards. Thanks to the wide range of products, our customers can choose the products suitable for their needs.


We offer fast and successful solutions to our valued customers with our 17 years experience in Crushing-Screening and Concrete Batching Plants manufacture work.


We continue our manufacture works of Stone Crushing-Screening and Concrete Batching Plants both mobile and stationary types in accordance with CE Standards.

Service & Support

Our Service and Support Unit, with its customer satisfaction oriented structure, gives the fastest support to the needs of our customers all around the world.

As Fabo Machinery Manufacturing Marketing company, with our 17 years experience in this sector, we provide the best service support to our customers.

Fabo Company

As a company that exports to 43 countries and grows its borders with each passing day, we produce 100% domestic products.

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