Stone Crusher

Stone Crusher

Stone crusher” machines are extremely useful products, especially in the construction, mining and recycling sectors. With crushers, stones or rocks are reduced to the desired size. The equipment in a crushing and screening “plant” can also be used for screening.

A stone crusher plant is a full-fledged production center where the equipment that performs the stone crushing and screening process is together. The plants are equipped with machines that operate on different principles. These products, many of which are equipped with up-to-date automation systems, reduce the need for human labor. Thanks to machines operating at high performance and efficiency values, you can gain speed in your work.

Stone and Rock Crusher

Crushing, screening and utilization of stones or rocks are important areas of activity for many sectors. In addition, concrete raw material can be obtained by reusing rubble in recycling facilities.

Aggregate production is an extremely important line of business for companies in the construction sector. This process can be carried out quickly and efficiently thanks to “rock crushing machines“. These products are also known by names such as rock grinder. So what are the advantages of “industrial stone crusher” products?

  • Reduces the need for human labor.
  • Efficient and highly effective.
  • They are long-lasting machines.
  • Technical support and maintenance service is available.
  • Machine options such as fixed and mobile are available.
  • There are models that address different needs.
Stone Crusher

The basic machines that make up a stone crushing and screening plant are crushers. If it is desired to use these machines for long periods of time in the same project site, “stationary” crushing plants should be preferred. However, if relatively short periods of use are planned at different project sites, “mobile crushing plant” options are more suitable.

Stone Crusher Machine

In order to get maximum efficiency from the stone crusher machines, you need to choose the most suitable model/models for the projects you are working on. Sharing your projects and your company’s goals with us during the purchase will help us to produce customized models for you. This includes design and technical specification details. You can get information about some stock products produced by FABO via the table below.

Stone Crusher
PRO-150 Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant with Wobbler FeederCapacity300 – 600 tons
Engine power315 kW
MCK-110 Mobile Hard Stone Crushing and Screening PlantMax feed (jaw crusher)800 mm
Engine power30 kW
MJK-110 Mobile Primary Jaw CrusherJaw spacing80-200 mm
Bunker volume30 m3
VSI-900 Vertical Shaft Impact CrusherProduction capacity100-300 T/H
Engine power160 kW
Turbomix-100 Mobile Concrete Batching PlantProduction capacity100 m3/h
Mixer capacity2000/3000 L

Stone Crusher Plants

You can make your work easier thanks to crushers with different working principles that you can choose according to the needs of your company or business. Multiple crusher types are available. When the project site is taken into consideration, fixed, mobile or “portable rock crusher” models come to the fore. The way the machines crush the materials is different from each other. Accordingly, it is possible to talk about three different crusher types.

Jaw crusher
Cone crusher
Ipact crusher

Each type of crusher is basically used for crushing stones or rocks. Jaw crushers work by closing two jaws, one fixed and one movable, just like the human jaw. The materials that are subjected to pressure between the jaws are separated with the help of sieves.

Cone crushers are mostly preferred for crushing hard materials. These machines, which are designed in a very durable way, also have an automation system. Impact crushers work with impact or forging effect. In this way, the materials to be crushed are crumbled. The materials taken by a rapidly rotating rotor are sent to a fixed impact mechanism.

Stone Crusher for Sale

Crushing and screening machines or plants have different purchasing options. If you want guaranteed machines that can last for many years and operate at high performance, new products should be preferred. Naturally, none of the parts of these products are worn out and ready to work at maximum efficiency. They are also supported by services such as technical support and maintenance.

In second-hand products, the performance is directly proportional to the level of aging of the machine. So how much is “mobile crusher price“? The components that make up portable systems can be easily transported with the help of a truck. In this way, the change between project sites can be done easily. The prices of portable crushers may vary according to the technical details of the model to be selected, transportation costs and the purchase status of optional equipment.

You can contact FABO and explain your project. Thus, the technical feature details you need are also clarified. Once the machine that you can get maximum efficiency is clear, the price issue will also become clear. You can contact us for more information about the guaranteed crushers produced by FABO, the innovative company of the sector.

Stone Crusher