Crushing Plants

Crushing Plants

Crushing plants are areas used in processes such as crushing, screening and washing of materials such as rocks and stones. It is used for purposes such as separating materials into smaller pieces and processing them. There are specialized types for different requirements.

Crushing plants can be used in mining, quarrying and construction activities. With these areas, large rocks and other materials can be crushed into smaller pieces. Suitable heads and plants can be used for the required pieces. These smaller pieces, called aggregates, are used in construction, paving and other projects.

What are Crushing Plants for?

A stone crusher is an industrial plant used in various industries, including mining and construction, to reduce large materials such as rocks and stones into smaller aggregates or specific particle sizes. This is very important in the production of many materials such as gravel, asphalt and concrete. Used in many industries as an important part of raw material production, these plants have the following functions;

Size ReductionScreeningMaterial Handling and TransportationWashing and CleaningRecycling
The main purpose of a crushing plant is to reduce the size of large rocks, ores and other materials. This is accomplished through the use of jaw crushers, cone crushers, etc.Once crushed, the material is screened and separated according to particle size. This process ensures that material of the desired size is separated for later use, while the rest returns to the crushers.Crushing plants are also designed for the transportation of the processed materials. This is usually done through conveyor belts and other material handling equipment.In some cases, it may be necessary to wash the material to remove impurities. This is especially true for applications such as sand and gravel or mineral mining.These facilities are also used for recycling waste materials, especially in the construction industry where concrete, bricks and other building materials are crushed and reused.

Crusher Types

The crushing plant plays a critical role in converting large pieces of raw materials into usable forms. It is therefore an important component in industries such as mining and construction. The materials processed by the crushing plant can be used for road base and concrete crushing. These plants can be utilized in the extraction of valuable minerals. Sand for use in construction and other applications is also produced by these plants.

These plants may have different components depending on their function. It is possible for the crusher to be produced from different materials for the area and purpose for which it will be used. However, it basically consists of the following components;

  • Crusher
  • Nourishing
  • Conveyor
  • Screening equipment
  • Washing equipment
Crushing Plants

Specialized crusher types are available for work in various fields. These crushers determine the size of the material to be crushed. The internal design, the structure of the cutting part used for reduction, etc. allow them to have different names and contents. The main crusher types can be listed as follows;

Gyratory crusher
Jaw crusher
Cone crusher
Impact crusher etc

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is one of the most basic pieces of stone crushing equipment. It is used in various industries such as mining, metallurgy, building construction and environmental recycling. Dust or stones of different sizes can be formed in this machine. It has a continuously moving metal part that crushes stones in small movements on a built-in metal part. It is so named because it has and works with one fixed and one movable jaw. The moving jaw crushes the material against the fixed jaw to get the output.

These crushers can be used for very hard materials. It is especially widely used as primary crusher. It has simple design, easy to maintain. It has high reliability and durability. However, this type of crusher is not suitable for soft and sticky materials. It has a smaller outlet size compared to other crusher types.

Cone Crusher

What is the crushing process? This question can be answered in general terms, but each crushing plant has different functions and is designed to facilitate work in different areas. Cone crushers are among the most preferred plants due to their productivity and efficiency. They are top-fed and provide high performance in secondary and tertiary crushing processes. It is widely used in aggregate production for construction, mining operations and metallurgical plants to reduce the size of ores.

It is suitable for versatile use. It can offer options for adjusting product size. However, it has a fast processing capability. It is one of the most preferred products in this field because it can provide high efficiency and low cost production. Cone crushers have disadvantages such as requiring constant maintenance and having a limited feed size.

Crushing Plants

Impact Crusher

These crushers do not use pressure to crush the material, they perform the crushing process with direct impact. Impact crushers, which can be in stationary or portable form, are most frequently preferred in construction and recycling areas. However, they can also provide favorable production for mines, etc.

It has the advantages of being able to adjust the product size and being used for many material structures. It can provide work with a high reduction ratio. It is the most frequently used crusher for road materials production. The impact working principle can cause problems such as rapid wear and tear. It is often used for crushing raw materials of low to medium hardness. When it is used for crushing soft materials, the rate and amount of wear of the plant will be higher.

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