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In mobile crushing and screening plants, raw material production is realized in line with the needs of the enterprise. In these plants, stones or rocks are broken into small pieces. The pieces are also grouped within themselves and separated with the help of sieves.

Mobile crushing and screening plant consists of components such as machines called crushers, various screens, washing and automation systems. Thanks to the crushing – screening equipment working in harmony with each other, the production of materials is realized serially. Thanks to modern automation systems, the demand for human labor has decreased. In this way, the expenses of the enterprise are also reduced. Washing systems help to reduce dust formation during the process and provide a more comfortable working area.

Mobil Kırma Eleme

Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant Factory

A mobile crushing-screening plant consists of equipment with high mobility. The components that make up these plants can be easily transported with the help of a truck. Thus, it is possible to move from one project site to another. Mobile crusher and screening plants are frequently preferred by companies and municipalities operating in construction, recycling and mining.

Mobile or portable plants are very useful for companies that want to work in different sites or short-term projects. As an alternative to mobile plants, we can talk about stationary crushing and screening plants. In fact, fixed plants can also be transported in pieces. However, this process is more difficult and costly.

What is a mobile crushing plant? Mobile crushing plants consist of equipment that can be easily transported by truck. The process of crushing and separating stones or rocks is carried out by crushers with automation systems. The stone crushing machine operates at high efficiency with optional components such as cement silo and vibrating screen.

Mobil Kırma Eleme

“Screening and Crushing”

In order to better understand the functions of the plants, let us first answer the question “what is crushing and screening?” Let’s answer the question. Raw materials such as aggregates used in concrete and mortar are obtained from stones or rocks. For this, these natural materials need to be crushed. The rubble resulting from demolitions can also be crushed and recycled in this way. In this way, action is also taken to prevent environmental pollution.

The crushed materials need to be sieved for easier sorting and use. For this purpose, sieves working in different ways can be used. Thanks to options such as tracked scalper screen or vibrating screen produced by FABO, you can perform operations at high performance values.

One of the most important problems during crushing or screening is high dust density. In order to prevent this, washing systems are utilized. Crushing screening plants are indispensable for sectors such as construction, mining or recycling. Thanks to its high production capacity, it can operate in a short time and with minimum manpower.

Mobile Crushing and Screening Equipment

High mobility has provided significant benefits for humanity. Crushing plants have also benefited from these innovations. Crusher plant and crushing and screening plant mean the same thing. Tracked and moving machines are also included in mobile systems. FABO is the leading manufacturer of both mobile and stationary plants.

The technical specifications and prices of crushers are largely related to your projects. Your projects determine your needs. This makes it possible to choose the right machine or plant. You can determine the most suitable equipment for you by contacting us. Thus, you can get a price and meet your needs.

“Mobile Screening Plants”

Parts such as crushers and screens with high mobility work in harmony with each other. Both screens and machines can be produced considering different working principles. You can get information by reviewing the list below.

It is designed to crush abrasive quarry and stream materials such as basalt and andesite. It has a very long service life thanks to its long-lasting parts. The crushing process takes place with the help of conical surfaces. It is possible to examine them in two groups as movable shaft and fixed shaft.

The crushing action takes place with the help of two “jaws”, one fixed and the other movable. Machines working in this way use compression force. Thanks to the surface force of the movable jaw, the crushing process takes place.

These crushers crush materials by impact, not by pressure. In this way, the amount of waste is also reduced. The crushing force is transmitted to the surface at the same rate. Impact crushers are generally preferred for the production of aggregates needed during road construction.

Crusher Type Material Hardness Areas of Use
Jaw Soft – Very Hard Mining, quarrying, sand and gravel manufacturing, recycling
Cone Medium – Very Hard Quarries, sand and gravel manufacturing
Impact Soft – Very Hard Mines, recycling, sand and gravel production