Quarry Plant

Quarry plant is a facility where stones and similar minerals are extracted by open pit mining method and then processed for use in construction and building sectors.

The most extracted materials in the quarry plant are the minerals and stones suitable to be processed such as volcanic rocks, kaolin, stone chips, granite, limestone, marble and sandstone.

What is a Quarry Plant?

Quarry is a surface mining technique. Open pit mining is extraction of the mineral from the determined deposits that are suitable for operation in terms of cost. If the ore deposit in the quarries is located close to the surface, the ore extraction process is performed directly by excavating. If the mineral deposit is located in deep, the layer covering the mine is opened and the extraction is performed. Approximately 70% of today’s mineral production is extracted and processed by open cut mining method.

Since the ores extracted from the quarries are raw and have very large size, they must first go through some processes in order to be used in construction. These processes are named as crushing and screening. Crushing and screening operations are carried out in crushing plants established where there are mines.

What is a Crusher Plant?

The crushing plant makes stones, rock fragments and natural materials obtained from stream beds ready to use in certain sectors by crushing them. Stones or rock pieces with different sizes and properties can be brought to the desired dimensions by going through the crushing process. The materials obtained in the plant are mostly used in road and construction sectors.

Crushing stone or some hard mines is a very difficult process and requires serious investments. Crushers are of vital importance, especially in the period when the rocks are first dislodged and not processed yet. Therefore, very powerful crushers should be used for these processes.

The companies should be very careful in the selection of the crushing plant since many different factors play a role, from the structure of the ore to be extracted and processed, to how much production is required per day.

FABO Crushing Plants

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