Crushing Plant For Sale

Crushing plant for sale is a large scale work equipment sold as new or second hand. Crushing plant has high capacity operation of crushing and screening stones with no malfunction for many years. Thus, they can easily change owners at the end of the project or work. They provide profitability to companies both in the short term and in the long term.

The layout and equipment of the crushing plant for sale may be of different standards depending on the characteristics of the project to be made, the type of ore to be extracted and the kind of the aggregate to be obtainedt. The capacity of the equipment of crushing plants can also be increased or decreased according to the needs.

Crushing Plant Options for Sale

A stone crushing and screening plant produce aggregate by passing through various processes of large-sized stones or ores. The stones are generally extracted from stream beds, mines or areas with large rocks. These large-sized stones and ores are turned to smaller size with cubic ratio that can be used in the building sector. Small-sized stones called aggregates are mostly used in concrete production and they constitute approximately 70% of concrete. Therefore, crushing plants are indispensable for the construction industry.

Stone crushing plants are designed by the manufacturers of these facilities and then made available to companies. Costumers can supply the crushing plants in two different ways:

  • New crushing plant
  • Second-hand crushing plant
Crushing Plant Options for Sale
New Crushing Plant For Sale

New Crushing Plant For Sale

Crushing facilities are supplied from supplier companies that are also manufacturers to user companies. Crushing plant equipment are also produced by the manufacturer company. The plant and its equipment can be manufactured in different capacities, features and kinds. The essential point in purchasing process of crushing plant is the selection of machinery and equipment that fit best to the needs of your company.

While choosing the crushing plant or equipment, the first option to be considered is the one that has never been used. New crushing plant is a great advantage in terms of being able to provide exactly what the company needs. Because, the capacity of existing machines can be increased by adding additional features to new crushing plants.

Second Hand Crushing Plant For Sale

Crushing plants are designed resistant to impacts and abrasions in order to crush and process stone and hard ores. These plants can operate with no malfunction for many years. Therefore, stone crushing and screening plants can be considered as a good investment option.

Since the crusher facilities can work for many years with no failure, they can be put up for sale by some companies after short-term projects. We, as FABO Global, take the crushing facilities that have completed their duty in the owner company but still have a service life, carry out the necessary maintenance and make them capable of producing for many years again. Second hand crushing facilities are available in our company to be offered to firms in need of crushing plants.

Second Hand Crushing Plant For Sale

FABO Global Crushing Plants

FABO Global is one of the leading companies in the industry that manufactures stone crushing and screening plants and concrete batching plants. It has become a world-renowned brand as a result of its long years of experience and always using the latest technological production techniques, and significant investments in the R&D unit. Today, FABO Global has succeeded to become a reliable brand that offers different solutions to its business partners in crushing plant and concrete batching plant.

FABO provides aggregate production companies with all the necessary services during and before the crushing plant supply. It also provides the necessary service, spare parts and transportation services to the companies it works with in the after-sales period. You can consult us on any issue you are curious about as a supplier both the new crushing plant and the second hand crushing plant.

Mobile Crushing Plant For Sale

Mobile crushing plant is the general name of mobile facilities used in the stone and mining industry for turning stones into aggregate. Mobile crusher is mostly preferred in short time projects. It consists of large and powerful machines crushing large stones.

As mobile crushers are easy to install and transport, the range of work areas is quite wide. Mobile crushing plant is often preferred in infrastructure works, highway construction, laying of natural gas and oil pipelines, infrastructure and superstructure works of train tracks, and subway lines.

Fixed Crushing Plant For Sale

Stationary crushing plants perform the same function as mobile crushing plants, but in a different design. Fixed crushers are built on the project site and are not moved until the end of the project. Fixed crusher facilities produce at high capacity. Fixed stone crushing and screening facility increases the profitability rate of companies in long-term projects. It is ideal for increasing the business volüme.

The fixed crushing plant offers many advantages due to its high performance. This crusher type is more preferred in projects that require high amount of concrete production such as dam construction and industrial facility construction.

Crushing Plant Prices For Sale

Crusher facilities are large, powerful and complex facilities with mobile and fixed options. Depending on the project to be implemented, additional equipment or features can be added, and its capacity can be increased. Prices of crushing plants vary according to these points.

You can contact us to get detailed information about the type and price information of FABO Global crushing plants.

Crushing Plant Prices For Sale


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