Aggregate Crushing Plant

Aggregate crushing plant is known as crushing plant. It crushes stone and mines which are the basic need of the building sector. So, the main material called aggregate is manufactured and made ready for use.

Aggregate crushing plant is formed by the cooperation of many different machines and equipment. This facility – which can also be defined as a stone crushing facility – generally consist of feeder, crusher, screen, spiral sand washer and belt conveyors.

What is An Aggregate Crushing Plant?

Aggregate is the term for the small stone fragments that are formed as a result of the crushing large stones or minerals such as granite, basalt, marble after extraction. Aggregate form can be obtained after many processes of large stones in stone crushing and screening plants.

Crushing facilities have various models and structures to be proper with the project to be built and the ore to be processed, but they are basically designed in two different structures that are mobile crushing plant and stationary crushing plant. These two types of crushing plants have some advantages and prominent features that will be explained in the following sections.

What is Aggregate?

What is Aggregate?

In order to make the subject clearer, we will mention first about what is aggregate and where is aggregate used, then explain the crusher plants required for aggregate productions in details. Aggregate is the small-sized stone pieces used to make concrete that is a fundamental element of construction industry. To create or construct a structure today, first of all, it is necessary to use a lot of concrete. Here, the basic material of the concrete component is aggregate. Therefore, aggregate is an essential material for the construction of all structures.

The raw material required for aggregate can be extracted from the sea, stream beds or mines. Aggregate constitutes an average of 70% of the specific weight of concrete and is generally obtained by crushing and processing the minerals such as granite, basalt, limestone, marble in crusher facilities.

Usage Areas of Aggregate

Today, the production and demand of aggregate has been constantly increasing. Almost every building we see contains aggregate in its construction. Today, the places where aggregate is used the most are as follows:

  • Construction industry
  • Highway construction
  • Dam construction
  • Pipe Line
  • Industrial facilities

And in many other sectors, aggregate is the vital material used to produce concrete.

Usage Areas of Aggregate
Mobile Crushing Plant

Mobile Crushing Plant

Mobile crushing plant is the general name of mobile facilities used to turn stones into aggregate in the stone and mining industry. Mobile crusher is a portable set of large and powerful machines used in the process of crushing large stones into smaller pieces. It is mostly preferred in short time projects with crushers.

Mobile crushers are mostly preferred by companies for three reasons: easy installation, transportation with only one truck, and easy transportation to another facility at the end of the project.

What Are The Advantages Of Mobile Crusher?

Easy installation and transportation of mobile crushers create a wide range of working area. Mobile crushing plant is often preferred in infrastructure works, in highway construction, in laying natural gas and oil pipelines, in infrastructure and superstructure works of railway tracks, in producing the necessary aggregate for subway lines. The advantages of mobile crushers are as follows:

  • Low installation cost
  • Easy transportation leads to decrease transportation costs
  • It can be easily reused in another project at the end of the job
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance operations at low cost
  • Suitable for all work areas
  • It reduces the facility cost of companies that run for a short time

Stationary Crushing Plant

The stationary crushing plant is a stone crushing and screening plant with the same function as the mobile crushing plant, but in a different structure. Stationary crushers are built on the project site and will not be moved until the end of the project. As it has a higher processing volume than a mobile crusher, it is generally preferred for high-volume projects with high performance.

Fixed crushing plants have been optimized for high level production. Fixed stone crushing and screening facilities increase the profitability of companies in long-term projects, so they are ideal for businesses considering an increase in business volume.

What are the Advantages of Fixed Crusher?

The fixed crusher plant offers many advantages due to its high performance. This crusher type is mostly preferred in the projects that require high amount of concrete production such as dam construction and industrial plant construction.

Other advantages of a stationary crushing plant are as follows:

  • It provides high efficiency
  • High profitability in the long term
  • Simple and convenient use
  • It can be installed in any project site
  • Advanced automation system

FABO Aggregate Crushing Plants

Today, FABO Global is the leading brand of the industry with R&D studies, expert engineer staff  and its investments in the crusher plant and concrete batching plant. FABO Global products are exported to many locations of the World. They are the most preferred plants because of their advanced technology and ease of use.

FABO aggregate crushing plants have been completely developed by FABO engineers to crush the hardest mines with high performance even under the most difficult conditions. They are designed to be used without any problems for many years. FABO crushing and screening plants also have an advanced automation system. While producing solutions for all the needs of its business partners, FABO Global also provides the necessary support to companies with its spare parts and service possibilities.

Advantages of FABO Aggregate Crushing Plant

The basic production equipment of aggregate companies is the mobile stone crushing and screening plant and the fixed stone crushing and screening plant. Therefore, the brand from which the crusher plant is supplied is very important. The advantages of FABO Global aggregate crushing plants can be listed as follows:

– Mobile and fixed solutions

– It reduces transportation costs of companies

– Assembly and disassembly are less costly and easier

– It can be used comfortably in different project areas

– It has the ability to process at high capacity

– Producing quality aggregate

– There are some models that can easily adapt to different project areas.

– Opportunity to work 24/7 thorugh its advanced automation

Advantages of FABO Aggregate Crushing Plant

Aggregate Crushing Plant Prices

Crushing plants are aggregate production facilities with different structures and specifications. There are two general types: stationary and mobile. Additional equipment or features can also be added to the project and its capacity can be increased. The prices of crushing plants vary on such factors.

You can contact us for the type and price information of FABO Global aggregate crushing plants. You can contact FABO also for rational and alternative solutions about all your questions about the subject and the sector.