Crushing and Screening Plant

Crushers are machine systems that perform crushing and screening in order to process stones or mines. These systems, which are most commonly used in quarries, can be provided mobile for the purpose.

As a result of Fabo Machinery’s superior engineering studies, you can reach the industry’s most reliable solutions for crushers and screening systems. With our R&D studies, we always produce up-to-date technologies and serve our valued customers with our expert staff.

Stationary and Portable
Crushing Plants

Crushing and screening systems are manufactured in two different types: stationary and portable. Stationary crushers are the facilities that serve in the area where they are installed and have no mobility. However, portable crushers are mobile and they can be processed in different areas.

These systems have a wide usage area such as mines, road construction, infrastructure works such as natural gas or water, construction and excavation areas, hydroelectric power plants, railway and metro projects.

Crusher plants contain some mechanisms that can be summarized as feeding bunker, jaw crusher, tertiary crusher, vibrating screens, impact crusher. These crusher types may not be available in all facilities. It is determined depending on the type of the stone to be produced or the job in the facility to be used.

Mobile Crushers Plants
Stationary Crushing Plant
Concrete Batching Plant
Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
Compact Series concrete batching plants
Compact Concrete Plant
Mechanical Stabilization Plant
Mechanical Stabilization Plant
Second Hand Crushing and Screening Plant
Second Hand Crushing and Screening Plant
Second Hand Concrete Plants
Second Hand Concrete Plants
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Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching plant is a facility that is able to stock the materials used in concrete formation, to mix them according to their quantity and to produce ready-mixed concrete. The system, which is programmed with electronic circuits, works with mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

Concrete batching plant basically consists of the following components: Automation system, aggregate bunker belt and bucket, mixer feeding tape, cement silos, cement spiral, and concrete mixer. There are facilities that serve different purposes such as Concrete Batching Plant, Mobile Concrete Plant, Compact Concrete Plant.

Concrete batching plants are generally preferred for either long-term use or large projects. Mobile concrete plants, on the other hand, come to the fore with the advantage of being transported to different areas. Compact systems are ideal for remote projects that increase transportation costs.

While Fabo Machinery is one of the leaders keeping ahead of many companies established to meet the needs of national ready mixed concrete, it is also at the top in the production and sales of stationary concrete plants. You can contact us for solutions specific to your project or needs.


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