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Stationary Crushing and Screening Plant

Stationary crushing and screening plant consist of durable and high-performance equipment such as crushers and screens. These plants can also have different components such as automation systems, control cabinets, cement silos and vibrating screens.

What is a stationary crushing and screening plant? These plants consist of equipment with low mobility but extremely high performance. In these plants, stones/rocks or boulders are crushed, reduced in size and separated with the help of screens. These activities are very important for industries such as construction, mining and recycling. Large pieces of stone are crushed to produce a material called aggregate. Aggregate can be used as raw material for concrete and mortar.

Stationary Crushing and Screening Plant Prices

What does crushing and screening plant mean? These plants are also known as crushing plants. The working principles and production capacities of the machines in the plants can be different. The technical specifications of the equipment are directly proportional to the needs of the companies. The machines and concrete batching plants produced by us are also designed according to the demands of the companies. This also clarifies what kind of facility the company needs.

Crushers, also known as stone crushing machines, are extremely powerful devices that work by crushing stones or rocks. These devices, where modern technology is used, also have automation systems. In this way, the demand for human labor has been minimized. So how to choose a stationary or mobile crusher?

If the projects are relatively short-term or if it is necessary to work in different project sites, mobile facilities should be preferred. However, if it is planned to work on the same project site for long periods of time and high production capacities are needed, fixed plants will be more advantageous. Stone crushing and screening machines are the basic equipment that make up the plants.

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“Fixed Crushing and Screening Plant Cost”

The cost of a stationary concrete batching plant or crushing and screening plant is affected by many factors. The raw material procurement process of the machinery and equipment that make up the plants is one of the factors that affect the cost. The production volumes, technical specifications and transportation costs of the machines are also decisive on the price.

Since companies or businesses need machines with different technical specifications, prices can vary even for the same type of stone crusher machine. You can contact us to share your project and learn the prices of crushers suitable for your business.

How is a stationary crushing and screening plant made? The components that make up the plant are produced by manufacturing companies such as FABO. For this purpose, the R&D and design phase starts first. Raw materials required for production are purchased or imported. Fixed crushers and other equipment are manufactured in accordance with the preliminary design. Equipment such as cement silos and vibrating screens that may be needed in the plants are also manufactured and offered to customers.

How to Install a Stationary Crushing and Screening Plant?

Sectors such as construction, mining and recycling are areas where crushing and screening plants are used extensively. In addition to various companies, institutions such as municipalities also need fixed and mobile facilities. Businesses that want to start production by establishing a plant can meet their crushing and screening plant needs through manufacturing companies.

Producer companies can also provide support at stages such as the selection and installation of fixed plants. Crusher machines are indispensable elements of the plants. Externally, different types of screens, silos and washing systems are also useful equipment in the plants. Crushers operate according to different working principles. In the list below, you can find a summary of some crusher types that can be used in both stationary and mobile plants.

These are machines produced for crushing materials with hard and abrasive properties. It performs the crushing action through conical surfaces. It is possible to divide them into two as fixed and movable shaft cone crushers.

These crushers get their name from the way they work. Materials are crushed with the help of two crusher plates, one fixed and the other movable.

These crushers use the impact effect instead of pressure. This also reduces the waste rate during operation. It is a good choice for aggregate production.

“How Does a Crushing and Screening Plant Work?”

The working principles and production volumes of the machines that make up the plants show the capacity of the plant. The machines work by crushing materials such as stone with the contribution of automation systems.

The crushed materials need to be grouped for easier processing. Screens categorize the materials according to their size. The materials resulting from the crushing process can be used in areas such as concrete or mortar production or sold as raw materials. So what is a crushing plant? As we mentioned before, crushing plants are another expression that defines crushing and screening plants.