Jaw crushers are generally used for basalt, granite, etc. It is used to break hard and abrasive materials with high silica content. They are crushers that make crushing by means of 2 Manganese alloy jaw plates, one is fixed and the other is mobile. With its very strong and robust jaw structure, it has been one of the most preferred crushers in the mining industry for many years.

General Features and Advantages:

  • Belt – Pulley Drive System
  • Mn plates made of wear-resistant special casting
  • Eccentric shaft made of Cr, Ni, Mo alloy forged steel
  • Hydraulically adjustable jaw opening
  • Safety plates against excessive strain
  • Surfaces subject to wear are covered with lining plates

FABO new generation jaw crushers are designed to crush all kinds of materials, from soft limestone to the hardest basalt stone. We have FABO 600×400 mm 900×650 mm 1100×850 mm 1400×1150 mm Primary type jaw crusher.

The high performance, reliability, durability and user-friendly adjustment mechanisms of our FABO jaw crushers brought about by the high flywheel speeds, jaw grabbing angles, the special geometries of the pitmans with the safety plates and rear blocks provide unique operating advantages to their users.

All FABO jaw crushers are equipped with a hydraulic adjustment mechanism. This system allows the jaw bottom opening to be adjusted easily and quickly according to the product curve you want to take from the machine. The adjustment of the lower jaw opening is made by adding or removing the adjustment plates of the required amount and thickness to the back of the adjustment block, which is pushed forward with the help of hand pump with a hydraulic system.

The flywheel hubs of our FABO Large jaw crushers (CLK 110-> 1100 x 850 and CLK 140-> 1400 x 1100) are equipped with a special clamping system that connects the flywheels to the eccentric shaft. This system enables the flywheel to hold the shaft securely and tightly due to the excessive stress caused by the rocks remaining in the jaw mouth as a result of stopping the machine for any reason, and facilitates the disassembly-assembly operations that may be required for both maintenance and transportation.

FABO Crusher shafts are made of 4140 forged steel and are supported by spherical roller bearings. The bearings are grease lubricated and protected by labyrinth seals against external influences. Crushers are equipped with an automatic lubrication system optionally.

The support plates (safety plates) of the machines are made of cast iron against the iron parts that may unintentionally escape whehn the material is fed, and their geometries are designed to break under excessive load so that this iron part can pass without damaging the other structure of the machine. Support plate housings are non-lubricated and designed to be easily changed.

This system provides a wider range of adjustment compared to other adjustment mechanisms and is even more reliable.. On the other hand, fixed and mobile jaws are made of manganese steel so that they can be used by turning, and their back faces are processed against breakage that may occur due to contractions during their entire working life, as well as not spoiling the surface they lean on.

The clamping studs of the wedge locks that fix the jaws are pre-tensioned with plate springs against loosening that may occur due to impact and surface crushing.