Compact Concrete Plants
PRODUCTION CAPACITY 30 m3/h 50-60 m3/h100-110 m3120-130 m3/h140 m3/h175 m3/h
Aggregate Weighing 1250 kg 2500 kg 5000 kg 6600 kg 8800 kg 11000 kg
MIXER CAPACITY 0.5 m3 1.0 m3 2.3 m3 3.3 m3 4.3 m3 6.3 m3
CEMENT WEIGHTING 300 kg 600 kg 1200 kg 1750 kg 2000 kg 2500 kg
ADDITIVE WEIGHTING 1x20 L 1x30 L1x40 L 1x40 L 2x50 L 2x50 L
AGGREGATE BUNKER 4x5 m34x12.5 m3 - 4x7,5 m34 x 20 m34 x 20 m34 x 30 m34 x 35 m3
MIXER TYPE Pan/SingleTWIN SHAFTTWIN SHAFTTwin ShaftTwin ShaftTwin Shaft
WATER WEIGHTING 200 kg250 kg700 kg1000 kg1300 kg1500 kg
CONTROL SYSTEMS Siemens,ABBSiemens,ABBSiemens,ABBSiemens,ABBSiemens,ABBSiemens,ABB
CEMENT SCREW DIAMETER 168 mm219 mm273 mm323 mm323 mm323 mm

Compact concrete plants are concrete batching plants that combine the high efficiency of stationary concrete batching plants and the easy portability of mobile concrete batching plants. They are designed to be mounted more easily on the project site where they will start production.

Compact concrete plants offer important advantages, especially in construction projects. These handy machines, which can be positioned very close to the construction site, are the most preferred products for companies that want to increase their business volume or reduce their operating costs.

Our FABO Mix Compact Series concrete batching plants consist of square bunker, row bunker shapes, bucket type and conveyor belt systems. The capacities of our concrete plants can range from 30 m3 to 200 m3 hours. Our compact type new generation concrete batching plants are one of the most demanded models in the world market with the advantages of easy installation and easy maintenance as well as mass production in narrow areas. In addition, our FABO Compact Series models can be designed specially according to the demands of our customers.

What are the Advantages of Compact Concrete Plants?


  • It reduces the logistics cost of the prepared concrete mixture.
  • During the transportation of concrete. prevents delays due to factors (traffic etc.)
  • Performing quality control first hand to achieve desired concrete quality.
  • To reduce operating expenses to a large extent and to increase the profitability rate.