Cone Crusher

Cone crusher machines can be operated for long periods in stone crushing and screening plants. During this period, machine parts are also exposed to heavy loads. Crushing is the first step in size reduction. These machines are also called crushers.

Cone crusher can be used by businesses to address many different purposes. For example, sectors that want to produce only coarse parts and sectors that want to reach parts as small as sand can also benefit from cone crushers. These machines break the rock fragments or ores and reduce them to certain sizes.

What is Cone Crusher?

Cone crushers are the general name of the machines used for the separation of hard and abrasive rocks by breaking them. Conical means cone -shaped. There are also different types of machines such as impact crusher , jaw crusher . These machines are known as crushers .

The working principle of cone crusher is to crush materials with effects such as compression and shear. Looking at a vertical section of the machine, it will be seen that the mantle moves periodically. The machine works with the opening-closing movement according to the fixed concave. During closure, the intervening rock fragments are compressed. During the opening movement, the parts exhibit a downward movement from the crusher chamber.

the event of a malfunction during operation, users think of cone crusher spare parts . Spare parts of all crusher machines are produced by our company. In case of need, these parts are supplied quickly and the fault is resolved.

Cone crusher parts are essential components for the operation of the crusher. The most important parts are undoubtedly the mantle and concave parts that do the crushing work. Said components are made of steel containing a certain amount of manganese. In this way, they have high strength. There are also different components such as socket, bearing, hydraulic piston and main shaft in the machine.

The material moves due to the downward flow and the repetitive compressive force of the crusher chamber under the influence of gravity. During each compression, the rock fragments are partially broken. With this type of crushers, especially rocks such as basalt, granite, stream stone can be crushed.

Cone Crusher Features

  • It can be used to break hard materials in chrome, iron and copper mines.
  • They are powerful machines with low energy consumption and therefore high energy efficiency.
  • They are reliable tools with a high size reduction ratio.
  • In addition to being preferred in many industries, it is mostly used in the construction and mining sectors.
  • It is easy to clean and clean, and the cost is relatively low.
  • Thanks to mobile (portable) crushers, mobile crushing and screening plants with low transportation costs can be established. In addition, these facilities can be transported practically to different regions by transporting them with the help of a truck.
  • It has a hydraulic jaw adjustment system.
  • It has dust protection. In addition, there is a special protection system against iron particles that may enter the breaker.
  • Since it breaks the pieces with the effect of compression, the amount of dust it creates remains low.
  • Symons and Hydrocone cone crushers are the basic shaft design and bearing designs that differ according to the system loads.
  • They are long-lasting machines.

Cone Crusher Usage Areas

They are versatile machines that can work at several different levels in the crusher plant. There are some stages of the crushing process. You can see below what the crushers do in these phases.

  • Primary crushing (Premier)

Also known as coarse crushing. Large rocks and mines undergo a reduction process of roughly 1/5th. Cone crusher machines are preferred for primary crushing in many plants due to their relatively low operating costs.

  • Secondary crushing (Secondary)

In the crushing process chosen according to the size of the material, when the crusher is used to provide secondary crushing, the material obtained is around 0.60 to 40 mm.

  • Tertiary crushing process (Tertiary crusher)
  • So what does tertiary crusher mean? This term, which means tertiary crusher, means that the material, which was subjected to this process twice before and divided into small pieces, is broken into smaller pieces again. The size of the material obtained in the crushing processes at this stage is quite small, in the size of sand. 0.5 mm size materials are produced. If the business needs very small parts, tertiary crushing can be done.
Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher Types

As FABO, we have a wide range of products with our 19 years of history. You can find and review our cone crusher product range under this title.

  1. CC-100 Cone Crusher
Capacity 100-1150 T/S
Feed Opening 150mm
Motor power 90 kW
Weight 6150 Kg
Size (Dimensions) 1950x2210x1030 mm


  1. CC-200 Cone Crusher
Capacity 200-250 T/H
Feed Opening 185mm
Motor power 110-132 kW
Weight 11230 Kg
Size (Dimensions) 2520x2540x1100 mm


  1. CC-300 Cone Crusher
Capacity 300-400 t/h
Feed Opening 241mm
Motor power 200 kW
Weight 16190
Size (Dimensions) 3030x2775x1200 mm


  1. CS-440
Capacity 300-550 T/H
Feed Opening 500mm
Motor power 220 kW
Weight 19300 Kg
Size (Dimensions) 3100x2850x1300mm


Use of Cone Crushers

  • Hydroset Control: Consists of a powerful hydraulic jack that adjusts the main shaft coupling. Adjustment can be done by a single person in less than 1 minute. This process has been successfully applied and used for decades.
  • Lowering Adjustment: It is used to pump oil from the oil tank to the hydroset cylinder. It allows the lid to rise until it reaches the desired setting.
  • Raise Adjustment: The oil is poured back into the tank and allows the lid to drop until it reaches the desired setting.
  • Automatic overload protection: It is an overload protection device in the Hidroset system that allows the bottom cover to come down to allow iron pieces and other unbreakable objects to pass through. The unbreakable object automatically takes its own position when it passes through the section.

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