Concrete plant spare parts

Concrete plant spare parts are very important for companies producing concrete. These spare parts are checked by technicians at certain time intervals for the machines working in the facility. If there is a fault, it will be replaced with a new one. Concrete batching equipment was designed by engineers to produce concrete for many years. During this process, malfunctions may occur. Although the service life of the parts that wear out over time varies according to the intensity of the work and the use of the machine, it is normal for them to wear out.

Concrete plant spare parts are very important for plant manufacturers at these stages. We know that if the companies producing concrete batching plants offer original spare parts and service opportunities, they reduce the downtime of production to a shorter time. Being aware of the fact that its customers are not victimized in this field, FABO Global provides original spare parts to the companies it works with. It does not leave its customers alone in matters such as service and maintenance to companies in the after-sales periods. FABO Global, which always prioritizes customer satisfaction, takes reliable steps in this regard.

What are Concrete Plant Spare Parts and Equipment?

The machines used for concrete production consist of many machines working in integration with each other. These machines are designed using resistant and durable metals. In this way, it ensures trouble-free operation for many years. But after many years, some parts need to be changed at certain intervals. Spare parts are needed both in service maintenance and in case of malfunction. What are the spare parts and equipment? Let’s examine together;

  • Vibrating Screen Wires
  • Vibrating Screen and Crusher Shafts
  • Rectors and Engines
  • Crusher and Concrete Batching Plants Bearings
  • Conveyor and Belt Equipment
  • Silo Equipment
  • Stirring Mixer Arms
  • Electrical Automation and Hydraulic Systems
  • Crusher Castings
Concrete plant spare parts
Concrete plant spare parts

Crusher Plant Spare Parts Service

The general characteristics of these plants are the crusher plants, known as stone crushing and screening plants, and large facilities where aggregate production is made. In these facilities, it provides the disintegration of stones such as granite, basalt, stream material, limestone, limestone, which have a hard structure. These stones, which are processed in crusher plants, are brought to small sizes. These small-sized stone particles, called aggregates, are the basic material of building materials and the construction industry.

Crusher plants are machines that can operate at high performance for many years. However, these facilities, which operate for a long time, cause malfunctions over time. In such cases, it is important to solve the fault quickly. The solution of such problems is realized by the technical support team or the supply of spare parts. Technical support first determines where the fault occurred. Afterwards, necessary maintenance and repair works are carried out. If the cause of the failure is a part in the crusher plant, the repair process will take place as soon as possible. If the problem disappears after the defective part is replaced with a new one, production can be resumed. In order to maintain the production at the facility continuously, the maintenance of the machines should be checked by the technical service teams at regular intervals. Otherwise, production disruptions may occur.

Why is Original Spare Parts Important?

Concrete batching plants are produced by many brands. The technological infrastructure of each brand is different from each other. In addition, most of the equipment that makes up the concrete plant has a holistic design and infrastructure. In case of any malfunction, the spare part or equipment used must be the original spare part. Let’s explain together why the original spare part is important;

  • It enables the concrete plant to be used without any problems.
  • Extends the life of concrete production machines.
  • There is no decrease in the performance of the machines.
  • It prevents any other possible malfunctions.
  • Original spare parts are under warranty and will be replaced again in case of a technical problem.
  • It reduces the energy consumption of the facility and the associated costs.

FABO Global Spare Parts Advantages

Concrete batching plants produced by FABO Global are used in different continents of the world. All these machines are designed and designed by FABO Global engineers. The construction equipment made by the company proves itself in this field with its quality and failure for many years. All parts are guaranteed by FABO Global, but there are many advantages for you to choose. Let’s look at the advantages of FABO Global Spare Parts together;

  • All used spare parts are original and guaranteed.
  • All these products are produced by FABO Global engineers.
  • Completing all spare parts and repair works as soon as possible.
  • It offers rich original spare parts possibilities.
  • It reduces the maintenance cost of the companies.
  • It prevents concrete production facilities from experiencing performance degradation.

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