In this period where many products are mobilized and cost items are undervalued due to the era we are in, we continue to offer solution-oriented projects to our customers’ concerns. As FABO Machinery, to our valued customers in order to provide quality service and reduce the investment cost we offer our new innovation MiniMix-30 Model which is transported with only one container. Thanks to the use of a completely new platform and body, this new and economical model makes it possible to produce concrete in economic and international standards in small projects where the concrete needs are relatively low.

Minimix Mobile Concrete Batching Plant’s advantages:

-Thanks to the advantage of being able to be transported by a single container in seaway shippings, it reduces your investment cost.

– Minimum Installation area requirement

– Offers easiness in road transportation by just pulling the machine with a truck, quick installation and relocation in a short time period.

– To be able to load the mixed concrete to the transmixer with feeder conveyor

– Depending on the cement supply, the big bag cement feed system or cement silos can be used.

– Production of most Homogeneous Concrete with Full Automation

– With its compact structure, it provides fast service, easy maintenance and low investment cost.

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