Crusher, also known as a crushing plant, is a type of machine used for crushing and screening materials such as stone or rock. A crushing machine can operate as a full-fledged crushing and screening plant with auxiliary equipment.

Crusher machine types refer to crushers that move in different ways as a working principle. In some working areas, crushing machines that can be easily transported, even designed to be crawler, may be needed. In other cases, high performance overrides mobility. Stone crushing machines have a wide range of applications in quarries, mines and building/construction sectors.


Crusher Plant

What is a crusher? These machines provide services such as obtaining aggregates, separating rock fragments or rubble. One of the indispensable functions of crushing plants is screening. Materials need to be screened at different levels according to their intended use. How to set up a stone crushing and screening plant?

The best step for companies or entrepreneurs who want to operate in the sector is to have a machine with a high production volume. Concrete crushing machines have materials that wear out as they are used due to their structure. Therefore, high material quality and durability are extremely important parameters. Good spare parts and technical service support are among the indispensable services for these machines.

  • Crushing machine
  • Sieves
  • Sand auger
  • Belt conveyor
  • Cement silo
  • Mixer

components make up a crushing and screening plant. Equipment other than crushing machines and screens are offered depending on the customer’s request. Technical specifications of the machines are also in line with the demand. Leading the sector, FABO brings you the exact devices you need, with the exact features you want.


Rock Crusher

The main function of a crushing plant is to crush stones or rocks of different sizes and reduce them to the desired size. Operations such as crushing, screening and washing can be carried out in a single plant. The crushed rocks can be 2500 mm in size or 5 mm in size…

Recycling of rubble and sorting out the materials that can be useful among them is also an extremely important line of business. This not only removes the rubble from the area but also provides an economical supply of materials. Rubble is a mixture of materials such as stone, sand/soil, lime, etc. left over after various construction works have been completed.

Our company produces machines with different technical features in accordance with the needs of enterprises. Although guaranteed zero products are more trouble-free and long-lasting, 2nd hand options are also available. You can contact us to get information about our zero or used crushing plant options for sale.

Portable Rock Crusher

Industrial rock crushers can be divided into two as mobile and stationary according to their transportability. Mobile is a word that means portable. It is extremely easy to transport mobile crushers from one place to another. Rock crushing machines can be easily transported from one work site to a different work site with the help of a truck.

So how does a stationary crushing plant work? Companies that want to work in different sites should prefer mobile crusher models. For example, when the project in a quarry ends, the crushing plants may need to be moved to a nearby mine. However, if high performance is more important than portability, stationary crushing and screening plants should be preferred.

How to buy a crusher from the owner? In addition to small, medium or large-scale enterprises, crushing machines are also used by institutions such as municipalities. These institutions or businesses sell used crushing machines from time to time.

Jaw Crusher

A crushing machine works largely with automation systems. Thus, there is no need for an extra human labor force. The people who direct/use the machines are called crushing machine operators. There are crushing machines developed considering different needs and working on different principles.

The material to be crushed is compressed between two surfaces, one stationary and the other movable.

Materials are compressed or cut into smaller pieces. Crushing takes place thanks to the parts called mantle and concave.

Materials are broken and reduced in size by impact instead of pressure. It is among the most suitable crushers for recycling the rubble resulting from demolitions.

Stone crushing plants are used in many areas. From subway constructions to water and sewage works, from infrastructure facilities to road splitting, these facilities can be used in a wide range of areas. You can reach the peak in performance with Fabo production machines that fulfill challenging tasks at the highest speeds. FABO draws attention among crushing plant manufacturers with its position leading the sector.