The 130 m3 Concrete Batching Plant is an ideal machine for those enterprises who want to get high performance. It is among the most used products of medium and large enterprises operating in the market. Our product, with the allowance and advantage, as high performance in a short time , can have even higher capacity by adding different features according to the operating requirements. Our company, which sells construction equipments to many different companies in Turkey and abroad, is gaining popularity with its superior services in the after-sales, in assembly, maintenance and repair services. All of our products are manufactured in accordance to European standards and are designed to be environmentallay friendly.

The 130 m3 Concrete Batching Plants have been developed in accordance with International Standards and under heavy working and climatic conditions. In this way, without compromising the quaity of production, it works 24/7 and it provides uninterrupted production solutions. Thanks to extremely easy and practical installations for businesses in all parts of the world; they have become an alternative to quality production by saving on purchasing costs.

The 130 m3 Concrete Batching plant possesses full automatic automation system, tracking and controlling the production process with operator management, eliminating possible usage and production errors. In this way it helps to save time and costs for maintenance and production. Also offers uninterrupted continuous and rapid production in needed areas.

With the durable and high performance of 130 m3 Concrete Batching Plant your work will never be interrupted!

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